The 4th of July

July 4th is a day to celebrate our country and community. Today represents what it means to love the person next to you more than you love yourself. For all of those who sacrificed their life at war and in this country to make sure their neighbor had the same rights as they do. When we say love always wins, it doesn't mean that hugs and smiles will win any fight, violent or nonviolent. It describes a level of commitment to love the person next to you and demonstrate it by helping them when they need it. America is built on individuals who help someone cross the street, drive them to the hospital, and stand up for their neighbor's rights when they become challenged. It doesn't matter who they will vote for or how they identify themselves left or right. We can never be scared to protect our neighbors or let anyone convince us we should be afraid to help one another. To love is to have no fear. Without fear, there is nothing we can't accomplish together. 

This 4th of July, look a stranger in the eye and say good morning or ask how they are doing. Let the people around you know you are aware of them, ready to react, and ready to help.  Demonstrate what it means to love your community and country.  Happy 4th of July.